We at Wendys Flowers believe that meeting neighbors and working together help develop strong communities. We are proud to support non-profit organizations in local communities through donations of Store Gift Cards and Decorated Plants.

To apply for a donation, this application must be completely filled out 3-4 weeks prior to the date needed for consideration. Letters, brochures, and other material may accompany the application but they do not replace it. You will receive a response from us  2 weeks prior to your event if approved.  You will receive a Wendys Flowers Gift Card that can be used for any product at our stores. Cash donations will not be given.  All items (due to the sensitive nature of the live plant) will need to be picked up no earlier than 48 hours prior to the event start date.  The average donation is $25.00 to allow us to help more organizations.

We feel all the organizations are just as important as others however; we do need to take into consideration the type of event in order to allow us to help a wide variety of different charities.  We feel this helps all those that are in need and helps to support research and education on all levels in all fields.


We thank you for understanding and we wish you the best of luck on your event! 


Application Form