I can't tell you how many times a customer has called me concerned that flowers they ordered never arrived.  The worst part- they were certain they ordered from us.  I see this resonating in online florists groups that it is happening everywhere. Why? Well they fool you into thinking you are buying from a REAL florist, BUT in reality they are just order gatherers.  This means that they take your order and money and then try to find a florist to fill your order. In the meantime they take most of your money for themselves and you never see it again.  What really saddens me is that the customer really thinks they ordered from us.  We have to direct the customers to contact their credit card company to even find out where or who charged them in the first place.  These orders are then processed and reps call around and try to fins real florist to make the order for almost half of wha you paid or they never get delivered. 

So please watch for these fake sites and order gatherers this holiday season, and check the web address before ordering to be sure you are on the site you want. Below is a good article from a florist site going into more detail.


Most Valentine’s Day floral shoppers like yourself buy flowers online. Without even realizing you may be buying blooms from floral wire services and or floral order gatherers website thinking you are purchasing from a real local florist.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, what you are doing is buying flowers from a flower broker. Sounds pointless right? Well, indeed it is pointless and also big business, so you are paying a middle man extra $$$ only to have your local florist receive the floral order from the broker and fill your flower selection for about 17-40% less of what you paid.

If you are unsure of what a floral order gatherer looks like on Google/search engines take a look below – you will see that they use tactics that imply in their keywords that they are your local florist, don’t be fooled they are not!

Furthermore, if no local florist agrees to fill your Valentine’s Day flower order you will be left empty-handed or shall we say your recipient will.

Order gatherers do also post search engine ADS if you are unsure if this is a local REAL florist click on their website and go to the Contact Us page- every local florist has an address listed if you don’t see an address feel to give them a call and ask them directly before placing the order.  


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Florists’ are there to please you and help you convey your floral gift in the best possible way. Their attention to the quality of their floral designs, guaranteed freshness, and longest-lasting blooms is something you can not get anywhere else besides your local florist.

Support your local florists and know you are supporting small businesses in your local area.